Apple consumers - New photo book tells the story of apple consumers.

I was always wondering “Can Sheep Eat Apples?” They obviously can! Check it out:

We decided to make a book about those smart animals, but we were out of ideas what should we do. Should it be scientific, maybe kids book, or something else?

And then while we were out of ideas, ray of light struck us… We saw masterpiece.

Have you seen that magnificent book “Designed by Apple in California”? We saw it, and we saw the pricing, from $199 per each or $299 if you want it in large format. Everything was clear then, we need hardbound book with 450 images of sheep. Ideal present for someone you know who can recognize themselves among those 450 beauties. And all that for $9.99, available for majority people on this planet.

We need some crowdfunding to bring this idea to life. We count on you. In return you will get:

  • If you support us up to $9.98 you will be credited on our website.
  • If you support us from $9.99 to $19.99 you’ll get the book
  • If you support us from $20 to $49.99 you’ll get the book and we will credit you in the book
  • From $50 to $198.99 you will get your personalized sheep, you will name your own sheep, and we will tell the world that you sponsored that page.
  • From $199.99 you additionally get opportunity to select picture of your sheep.
  • A million bucks – you can change name of the book

2017-12-19 by Oskar N.


First PayPal transactions


We are happy to announce that we have received first transactions of support via our PayPal account. We are grateful for every single dime of support. In the time of the holidays, we are more than ever convinced that delight of this idea would revolutionize the world of consumer behavior, as well put pressure to the advanced creative thinking, and set new outlines of how big conglomerates threat their loyal customers.

We welcome everyone to support our cause already now as that would fuel our gears to get "Apple consumers" sooner.


2017-12-27 by David Z.